Monday, October 15, 2018
7:30am to 8:30am Registration and Breakfast
8:30am to 8:45am Opening Remarks

David W. Bates, MD, MSc

Keynote Presentation

8:45am to 9:35am Healthcare Provider Burnout and Resilience (Panel)

Thomas Lee, MD, Madelyn Pearson, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, and Steven Strongwater, MD 
Moderator: Namita Seth Mohta, MD

Session Options 1A - 1C

9:45am to 10:30am 1A: "No Standardization without Representation": The Development and Implementation of Dana-Farber Pathways

Carole Dalby, RN, MBA, OCN, CCRP and David Jackman, MD

9:45am to 10:30am 1B: Developing a Process Improvement Project Assessment: Inpatient Psych Care Redesign Work at Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital

Claire Massero, MS and Katherine Santos

9:45am to 10:30am 1C: Overview of Population Health Management

Sree Chaguturu, MD

10:30am to 10:45am Coffee Break

Refreshments provided

Session Options 2A - 2C

10:45am to 11:30am 2A: Approaching Risk Preemptively to Manage the Rapidly Increasing Complexity in Cancer Care

Jeff Durney, MS, Joseph Jacobson, MD, MSc, and Hakim Lakhani, MS

10:45am to 11:30am 2B: Detecting and Avoiding Electronic Clinical Decision Support Malfunctions

Adam Wright, PhD, FACMI

10:45am to 11:30am 2C: Peer Support: Mitigating the Toll of Medical Errors

Jo Shapiro, MD, FACS

Session Options 3A - 3C

11:40am to 12:25pm 3A: Analytics: What Is the Time to Value? An Overview of Clinical, Financial, Operational and Research Analytics Transformation

Belén Fraile, MD

11:40am to 12:25pm 3B: Building a Substance Use Disorder Bridge Clinic

Christin Price, MD and Scott Weiner, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAAEM

11:40am to 12:25pm 3C: Accountable Care Organizations

Jessica C. Dudley, MD

12:25pm to 1:25pm Networking Lunch


Session Options 4A - 4C

1:25pm to 2:10pm 4A: Improving Patient Access: Results of a Strategic Plan to Create Next-Day Access for New Patients with Cancer

Anne H. Gross, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, Nancy Hilton, RN, MS, and Kathleen Keavany, MHA

1:25pm to 2:10pm 4B: Ambulatory Safety Nets: Creating High-Reliability Solutions to Prevent Missed and Delayed Diagnoses

Sonali Desai, MD, MPH, Kunal Jajoo, MD, and Ramin Khorasani, MD, MPH

1:25pm to 2:10pm 4C: The Patient Safety Learning Lab: Building Tools around an EHR to Improve the Safety and Quality of Healthcare Delivery

Jeffrey Schnipper, MD, MPH, FHM

2:10pm to 2:20pm Snack Break

Refreshments provided

Session Options 5A - 5C

2:20pm to 3:05pm 5A: Broad Implementation of a Real-Time Location System to Improve Efficiency and Patient Experience in a Large Ambulatory Oncology Setting

Craig A. Bunnell, MD, MPH, MBA and Ryan Leib, MBA

2:20pm to 3:05pm 5B: PANEL: Strategies for Maintaining Quality Care during National Drug Shortages: Lessons Learned from Large AMCs and Community Hospitals

Michael Cotugno, RPh, Christopher Fortier, PharmD, FASHP, and Richard Meinking, PharmD
Moderator: Catherine Ulbricht, PharmD, MBA, CPPS

2:20pm to 3:05pm 5C: Reliability, Resilience, and Risk: Why a Just Culture Is Critical to Quality and Safety Improvement

Christian Dankers, MD, MBA

Keynote Address and Reception

3:15pm to 4:05pm Designing a Communication Resolution Program (CRP)? Just Align with the Mission

Richard C. Boothman, JD

4:15pm to 5:15pm Networking Reception

Join us for refreshments and networking with faculty and colleagues

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
7:00am to 8:00am Breakfast

Keynote Address

8:00am to 8:50am Free from Harm

Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS

Session Options 6A - 6C

9:00am to 9:45am 6A: Bringing Ambulatory Care to the Patient's Home: Launching a Telehealth Program

Daniel Kavanaugh, MBA and Adam Licurse, MD

9:00am to 9:45am 6B: Necessary Fallibility: It’s OK to Be Human

Charles Pozner, MD

9:00am to 9:45am 6C: Peer-to-Peer Assessment of AMC Quality and Patient Safety—A New Tool for Healthcare: Results from MGH and Johns Hopkins Pilot

Elizabeth Mort, MD, MPH

9:45am to 10:00am Coffee Break

Refreshments provided

Session Options 7A - 7C

10:00am to 10:45am 7A: Aligning Funding and Sustainability of Innovation with Organizational Strategy

Karl Laskowski, MD, MBA and Paige Wickner, MD, MPH

10:00am to 10:45am 7B: Multidisciplinary Strategies for Developing Medication Safety in a Just Culture Environment

Heather Dell'Orfano, PharmD, CACP, CPPS, BCPS AQ-Cardiology and Caryn Domenici Belisle, RPh, MBA

10:00am to 10:45am 7C: Advancing Patient-Provider Communication

Emily L. Aaronson, MD, MPH

Session Options 8A - 8C

10:55am to 11:40am 8A: Leveraging Data and IT to Improve Care Delivery: A Case Study in Using Data Analytics to Address Novel Care Challenges

Rebecca Cunningham, MD and Brandon Hehir, MBA

10:55am to 11:40am 8B: Primary Care's Quality Challenge: Making the Transition from Volume to Value

Richard Gitomer, MD, MBA

10:55am to 11:40am 8C: Everyday Improvements: Intro to Daily Management Systems at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Jonathan Baum, MBA, Mark Galluzzo, MHA, ORT/L, and Conrad Charles Worrell, RN

11:40am to 12:40pm Networking Lunch


Session Options 9A - 9C

12:40pm to 1:25pm 9A: Engaging Staff in Clinical Innovation: Training and Wellness

Jessica C. Dudley, MD and Dana Opas, MPH

12:40pm to 1:25pm 9B: Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care

Cheryl R. Clark, MD, ScD

12:40pm to 1:25pm 9C: Equity in Healthcare

Thomas Sequist, MD, MPH

1:25pm to 1:35pm Snack Break

Refreshments provided

Session Options 10A - 10C

1:35pm to 2:20pm 10A: Bringing Inpatient Care to the Patient's Home

Elizabeth Cullen, MS and David Levine, MD, MPH, MA

1:35pm to 2:20pm 10B: Sepsis Quality Improvement Initiatives

Anthony Massaro, MD, and Chanu Rhee, MD, MPH

1:35pm to 2:20pm 10C: Hospital-Wide Safety Huddles

Charles Morris, MD, MPH, Madelyn Pearson, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, and Julia Sinclair, MBA

Closing Keynote Address

2:25pm to 3:15pm Implementing and Sustaining a Safer Culture: What Really Works

Gregg Meyer, MD, MSc